Dr. Liqin (Nora) Huang

Liqin (Nora) Huang is a postdoctoral researcher in the group for Translational Social Neuroscience at the University Hospital Würzburg.

From 2016 to 2022, she pursued her Master's and PhD degree in Psychology at the Department of Psychology at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. Her research interest primarily revolves around the learning process of human participants across various social contexts, such as prosocial learning and social norm learning. She is also interested in exploring the neural mechanisms underlying such processes and examining how these processes may go awry in psychiatric disorders.

She employed computational modeling techniques (e.g., reinforcement learning models) to investigate social decision-making processes on a behavioral level. In addition, she employed neuroimaging approaches, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG), to uncover the neural substrates of the dynamic process during social decision-making.

During her PhD dissertation, she developed a comprehensive model based on the reinforcement learning framework to investigate behaviors driven by various motivations, including conforming to group norms and maximizing self-interest rationally. Moreover, she conducted an fMRI experiment to uncover the brain activities and dynamic interactions between the brain regions of interest that mediate such processes.

Selected Publications

Liao, Z.#, Huang, L.#, & Luo, S. (2021). Intranasal oxytocin decreases self-oriented learning. Psychopharmacology, 238(2), 461-474. (IF:4.415)

Huang, L.#, Sun, Y.#, & Luo, S. (2022). The impact of individualism on the efficiency of epidemic control and the underlying computational and psychological mechanisms. Acta Psychologica Sinica54(5), 497. (CSSCI)

Huang, G., Yu, X., Long, Q., Huang, L., & Luo, S. (2022). The impact of economic freedom on COVID-19 pandemic control: the moderating role of equality. Globalization and health18(1), 1-17. (IF: 9.26)

Yuan, H.#, Long, Q.#, Huang, G., Huang, L., & Luo, S. (2022). Different roles of interpersonal trust and institutional trust in COVID-19 pandemic control. Social Science & Medicine293, 114677. (IF: 5.379)

Luo, S., Li, M., Espina, E., Bond, M., Lun, V., Huang, L., Duan, Q., & Liu, J. (2022) Individual uniqueness in trust profiles and well-being: Understanding the role of cultural tightness–looseness from a representation similarity perspective. British Journal of Social Psychology, 66(2), 825-844. (IF: 6.92)

Tan, H., Li, T., Huang, L., Duan, Q., Fan, L., Yu, M., ... & Luo, S. (2022). Genetic placebo effect on psychological resilience: the moderating role of self-compassion. Current Psychology, 1-10. (IF: 2.387)

Further Information


E-Mail Huang_L[at]ukw.de
Telefon +49 931 201 - 77412