Studies and teaching

Psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy are important subjects in the field of human medicine, but also in other courses of study, and are taught in lectures and courses. Internships, clinical traineeships, practical year as well as doctorates offer the opportunity to apply and deepen your knowledge in a practice-oriented way.

General information

The Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy covers the curricular teaching of medical studies, but also of psychology, biology, translational neuroscience, and speech therapy. The curricular offer is supplemented by additional courses, which are also open to students of law, education, and special education.


Students of the above-mentioned study programmes register for the curricular courses via the online portal for students. No registration is required for additional courses.

Clinical traineeships and internships

Human Medicine

If you are interested in a clinical traineeship in human medicine, please send a short CV and a current certificate of enrolment to
Prof. Dr. med. Sarah Kittel-Schneider
Deputy department director
E-mail: kittel_s@ ukw.de

Bachelor's or Master's degree (BA/MA) in Psychology

For all internships within the Master's degree (BA/MA) in Psychology, please contact us with your curriculum vitae and current certificate of enrolment:
Sabine Kirsch M.Sc. 
E-mail: kirsch_s1@ ukw.de 

Psychological Psychotherapy - Behavioural Therapy

Regarding the advanced training course "Psychological Psychotherapy - Behavioural Therapy", please contact us with the necessary documents:
PD Dr. med. Stefan Unterecker
Managing senior physician
E-mail: unterecker_s@ ukw.de

Bachelor's or Master's degree (BA/MA) Social Work

For all internships within the framework of the Bachelor's or Master's degree (BA/MA) Social Work, please send your application to
Ursula Berninger (Dipl. Soz.-Päd.)
E-mail: berninger_u@ ukw.de

Internships in complementary therapies

The following people are responsible for internships in complementary therapies:
Occupational therapy: Roswitha Kraus, E-mail: kraus_r@ ukw.de
Art therapy: Insa König, E-mail: koenig_i1@ ukw.de
Music therapy: Kerstin Iristay, E-mail: iristay_k@ ukw.de

Praktisches Jahr (PJ)

Praktisches Jahr

“Praktisches Jahr” is a year of hands-on hospital training in the last year of medical school, which is divided into three terms – internal medicine, surgery, and one elective term in any other medical department.

In our department, you have the option to do your elective term in psychiatry. Five positions are available per term. You can find all information about the organizational processes as well as the in-house and PJ-specific courses on the website of the Dean of Studies. You can also contact the Academic Teaching Coordinator, Dr. med. Tatjana Splett, directly.

Foreign students who wish to apply for a PJ position should first contact the International Office in the Dean's Office:
Barbara Moll
E-mail: moll_b@ ukw.de



If our main research areas have sparked your interest, there is the possibility to deepen the insight within the framework of a dissertation. For this purpose, please contact the respective heads of the research groups directly.

We recommend that you complete your dissertation within the framework of structured doctoral programmes such as those offered by the Graduate School of Life Science (GSLS).


Portraitfoto von Sarah Kittel-Schneider

Prof. Dr. med.
Sarah Kittel-Schneider

Deputy head of the department

+49 931 201-77100

Portrait of Dr. med. Tatjana Splett

Dr. med.
Tatjana Splett

Academic teaching coordinator

+49 931 201-76362


Mediation and information

Phone: +49 931 201 76050
Fax: +49 931 201-77800


Phone: + 49 931 201-77800
E-Mail: ep_poli@ ukw.de 

In-patient care
Phone: +49 931 201-76050
E-Mail: ep_poli@ ukw.de 

Clinic directorate

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Deckert

Secretary´s office
Phone: +49 931 201-77010
Fax: : +49 931 201-77020
E-Mail: ps_sekr@ ukw.de 


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