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Welcome to the Hudecek Lab – The home of CAR T

Our research

We are developing novel personalized immune-based cancer treatments that are free from chemotherapy.

Our approach

We are equipping T cells (white blood cells) with a biosensor (chimeric antigen receptor, CAR) to help them detect and eliminate cancer cells.

Latest publications

Luu, M, Binder, K, Hartmann, S et al. (2021)
Transcription factor c-Rel mediates communication between commensal bacteria and mucosal lymphocytes.
J Leukoc Biol.; 1- 7.
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Luu, M, Visekruna, A (2021)
Microbial metabolites: novel therapeutic tools for boosting cancer therapies.
Trends in Cell Biology, Volume 31, Issue 11.
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Jetani, H, Navarro-Bailón, A, Maucheret, M et al. (2021)
Siglec-6 is a novel target for CAR T-cell therapy in acute myeloid leukemia (AML).
Blood 2021.
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Luu, M, Riester, Z, Baldrich, A et al. (2021)
Microbial short-chain fatty acids modulate CD8+ T cell responses and improve adoptive immunotherapy for cancer.
Nat Commun 12, 4077.
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Prommersberger, S, Reiser, M, Beckmann, J et al. (2021)
CARAMBA: a first-in-human clinical trial with SLAMF7 CAR-T cells prepared by virus-free Sleeping Beauty gene transfer to treat multiple myeloma.
Gene Ther 28, 560–571.
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Da Vià, M.C., Dietrich, O., Truger, M. et al. (2021)
Homozygous BCMA gene deletion in response to anti-BCMA CAR T cells in a patient with multiple myeloma.
Nat Med 27, 616–619.
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Prommersberger S, Hudecek M, Nerreter T. (2020)
Antibody-Based CAR T Cells Produced by Lentiviral Transduction.
Curr Protoc Immunol. Mar;128(1):e93.
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Contact person

Portraitfoto von Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Michael Hudecek

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med.
Michael Hudecek

Director and Research Group Leader Translational CAR-T Research Program


Department of Internal Medicine II | Oberdürrbacher Straße 6 | 97080 Würzburg | Germany