Addiction Medicine

The working group "addiction medicine" investigates the background of substance-related and addictive disorders as well as the development and treatment of those disorders.



PD Dr. med. Dipl.-Chem. Thomas Polak


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Goals and fields of research

Indicators for quality of treatment of addictive disorders

Following the DGPPN initiative "Indicators for quality of treatment of mental disorders", we aim to determine via catamnesis if patients who underwent different therapies (such as inpatient detoxication or qualified withdrawal treatment) and who did or did not make use of an outpatient support programme differ regarding abstention or relapse rates.

We are am member of the Interdisciplinary Addiction Research Center of the University of Würzburg.


Publications of the working group can be found on pubmed or in the list of publications of our hospital.

Head of Hospital

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PD Dr. med. Dipl. chem.
Thomas Polak


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