Functional Genomics

The working group on functional genomics conducts genetic and epigenetic studies in the context of mental disorders, mainly anxiety disorders and depression.



Dr. biol. hum. Heike Weber

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Phone: +49 931 201-76403

Associate Professor

Research assistant

  • Chantal Hampf, pharmaceutical specialist


  • Carola Gagel

Collaboration Projects

  • P4D (BMBF-funded): P4D – Personalized, Predictive, Precise and Preventive Medicine for Major. Consortium Coordination: Prof. Dr. Helge Frieling
    Subproject 5A Pharmacogenomics of Major Depression, PIs Prof. Dr. Jürgen Deckert and PD Dr. Heike Weber

  • International Collaborations: PGC Anxiety and PGC PTSD


Goals and fields of research

Genetics and epigenetics of anxiety disorders and depression

Our working group, in the scope of genome-wide and candidate gene based association studies, aims to identify genetic and epigenetic factors that contribute to the onset of depression and anxiety disorders.

Functional genomics

On a functional level, we then investigate the influence of the risk genes on the brain, and the contribution of different splicing, mRNA expression and methylation profiles to cognitive deficiencies and to symptoms appearing in anxiety disorders and depression. In collaboration with other working groups, using a combination of advanced genetics and the analysis of neuropsychology and neuroimaging data, we also investigate the influence of identified gene variations on the structure and functioning of the brain as well as on the behaviour of adults with depression and anxiety disorder and healthy probands.

Pharmacogenetics of anxiety disorder and depression

Thirdly, the working group focuses on investigating the genetic influence on the course of anxiety disorders and depression and the therapy thereof (pharmacogenetics). The identification of genetic and other predictors for the course of antidepressant pharmacotherapy or other types of therapies might lead to the development of a more personalized, genotype-based and thus more effective therapy for anxiety disordes and depression.


Publications of the working group can be found on pubmed or in the list of publications of our hospital.

Head of Hospital

Portrait of PD Dr. biol. hum. Heike Weber

PD Dr. biol. hum.
Heike Weber

Head of functional genomics laboratory

+49 931 201-76403