Third-Party Funded Projects on Anxiety Disorders

The Collaborative Research Centre Transregio 58 (SFB TRR 58) "Fear, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders"

Speaker: Hans-Christian Pape (Physiology, Münster)
Local speaker: Paul Pauli (Institute of Psychology)
3. funding period 2016-2020

Further information on the SFB TRR 58 including a description of all subprojects can be found here.

At our hospital, we are working on the following subprojects:


The influence of early life stress on anxiety-like behavior: the significance of the pre- and postnatal phase for gene x environment interactions and the modifiability of its outcome later in life

Project leader: Norbert Sachser, Klaus-Peter Lesch und Thomas Seidenbecher


Stress-induced programming in serotonin (5-HT) system-modified mice: epigenetic editing as a strategy to cope with anxiety

Project leader: Daniel van den Hove, Klaus-Peter Lesch und Angelika Schmitt


Targetable (Epi)Genetic, Physiological and Neuroimaging Risk Markers of Anxiety Sensitivity: A Developmental, Cross-Disorder Prevention Study of Separation Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Project leader: Katharina Domschke, Susanne Neufang


Phasic and sustained fear in humans: neural basis and implication for anxiety disorders

Project leader: Martin Herrmann, Thomas Straube


Exposure treatment in anxiety disorders: proof of principle of an a priori response prediction approach

Project leader: Ulrike Lüken, Udo Dannlowksi


Gene-environment interactions, generalization and neural circuits in dimensional endophenotypes of fear and anxiety in adults and children: development and reversibility

Project leader: Katharina Domschke, Ulrike Lüken, Udo Dannlowski, Tina B. Lonsdorf, Marcel Romanos, Paul Pauli and Jürgen Deckert


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