Teaching - Online Case Seminar

Development of E-Learning modules for an enhanced teaching concept (blended learning) including elements of problem-oriented learning for the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy (in cooperation with the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern VHB)
Principal investigator: Martin Lauer

Topic "Learning in psychiatry in step with practice"

We aim to develop an online case seminar in compliance with the study guidelines and the catalogue of learning objectives, offering an exemplary computer-aided training case on each of the most relevant psychiatric disorders (ICD-10). The student examines a virtual patient and is required to apply her/his theoretical knowledge, suggest examination methods, interpret multimedia diagnostic findings, make a differential diagnosis and suggest individualized therapy modalities. The case used for the seminar is to be adapted precisely to the learning objectives found in the course curriculum for the “Ärztliche Approbationsordnung” (German licensing regulations for physicians).

After completing the seminar, the participants should know the current standard on the essential and practice-relevant neurobiological principles of the development and persistence of mental disorders. In addition, they should acquire basic knowledge of the conditions under which mental illnesses develop, the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Topic "Dementia"

An exemplary case is to be provided which imparts the necessary knowledge for the relevant forms of dementia with regard to the clinical requirements. Epidemiology, neurobiological and molecular genetic principles, neuropathology, clinical and neuropsychological diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics and cerebrospinal fluid markers, neurophysiology, structural and functional imaging and general therapeutic principles will be the major topics. Differential diagnostic considerations will be presented algorithmically for the most part.

A total of 30 case studies on dementia syndromes shall be provided as computer training cases. The student will examine a virtual patient and apply the necessary theoretical knowledge from the preceding introductory document, propose examinations, interpret multimedia findings, make differential diagnoses and propose or determine individualized therapy modalities.

Topic "Clinical Pharmacotherapy"

With a preceding reader element, the students should acquire the knowledge for the treatment of the virtual patients of the online seminar in advance. Existing knowledge is to be made available, and missing knowledge can be acquired quickly and independently. Practical-clinical perspectives and strategies will be conveyed quickly and successfully while maximizing the learning effect.

The detailed, practice-oriented cases with detailed differential diagnostics and individualized therapeutic interventions will be further subdivided into up to 3 focal points depending on the case, such as non-response, combination therapy, drug interaction, differential diagnosis and therapy and therapy progress (a total of 15 case modules with 15 reader elements).

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