Interdisciplinary Bank of Biomaterials and Data Würzburg (ibdw)

Scopes and aims

  • Concurrent liquid and solid sampling of human biomaterials using a consistent bio-sample labelling, registration, tracking, storage, and retrieval system enabling parallel analysis of matching blood and tissue samples along the course of the respective disease(s)
  • Short term storage of bio-samples for 2–5 years (–80°C, immediate access, rapid sample read out, rapid sample compilation)
  • Long-term storage for >10 years (–140°C, gas phase liquid nitrogen) for pre-specified liquid BM
  • Implementation of a multi-level data storage and access concept ensuring consistency of data and biosample identity under consideration of current data and privacy protection regulations
  • Implementation of hierarchical pseudonymized clinical data sets (uniform data sets for annotation, basic, and disease-specific information)
  • Participation in the National Registry of Biobanks Germany and German Biobank Node, GBN

Cooperating institutions

  • Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research
  • Comprehensive Heart Failure Center
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Mainfranken
  • Peripheral ibdw-subunits
  • Rudolf Virchow Center, DFG-Research Center for Experimental Biomedicine
  • cBMBs in Aachen, Berlin, Heidelberg and Kiel
  • Bank of Biomaterials of the Bavarian Red Cross