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Comprehensive Heart Failure Center Wuerzburg (CHFC)

Heart failure is a common cause of heart disease, but unfortunately not completely understood until now. Therefore, within the CHFC, researchers from many disciplines have found together to investigate and elucidate novel concepts and effective strategies for diagnosis, prevention and therapy of heart failure.


The CHFC researches and treats the complex disease heart failure and its comorbidities in a comprehensive approach. Cutting edge science in an interdisciplinary setting especially between the CHFC and the University clinic Wuerzburg are essential.

As nationwide unique centre the CHFC connects heart failure from basic science, clinical research and patient care in one building.

Four departments

Research at the CHFC is based on four cornerstones: imaging, genetics, translational research – from bench to bedside- and clinical research and epidemiology. Here, the prevalence and incidence of heart failure as well as the confounding risk factors in the population are being observed and analysed. In clinical studies, we prove the results from experimental research, examine new therapeutic agents, new devices and therapy strategies.

Core facilities

Within our new building on the campus of the university clinic Wuerzburg on 5500 m2 we have all the possibilities to perform cutting edge science. Our four departments are organized in so called “Core facilities”, providing modern and high performance equipment and specialized personal expertise to internal but also external research groups.

Interdisciplinary research…

The interdisciplinary character of the CHFC is very important since heart failure has many reasons and comorbidities and they have different effects on the body or the soul.

Academic disciplines as cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, biology and physics are working close together and build a interdisciplinary platform. Here there are many possibilities for exchanging experience, mutual suggestions leading to improved patient care.

… treatment

The spacious out-patient clinic is open for all patients suffering from heart failure and cardiac disease: we provide special outpatient clinics for patient suffering with hereditary cardiomyopathies, especially amyloidosis or fabry’s disease. We also advice heart failure patients before and following an operation.

Greetings from the CHFC

Prof. Dr. Christoph Maack
Spokesman of the CHFC

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