Rudolf Virchow Center (RVZ) for Experimental Biomedicine

The Rudolf Virchow Center (RVZ) for Experimental Biomedicine doesn’t belong to the University Hospital, but its research is closely linked with the University Hospital of Würzburg.

Research focus

  • Protein Structure and Function
  • Proteins and cellular Signaling
  • Nucleic Acid Binding Proteins
  • Proteins in Cell-Cell Interactions and Motility

Collaborations (in Würzburg)

  • Interdisciplinary Bank of Biomaterials and Data Würzburg (ibdw)
  • Chair of Structure Biology, RVZ
  • Bio-Imaging Center, RVZ
  • Chair of Experimental Biomedicine, RVZ
  • Comprehensive Heart Failure Center
  • Graduate School of Life Sciences
  • Chair of Pharmacology
  • Institute of Clinical Biochemistry and Patho­biochemistry
  • Center for Expermental and Molecular Medizin (ZEMM)
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF)
  • Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Chair of Biochemistry