• Ärzteteam

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Our main focus is on:

  • Centre for diagnosis and treatment of
  • thyroid disorders
  • Centre for radionuclide based therapies
  • (radioiodine, radiopeptides, radiolabelled ­antibodies, novel targeted compounds)
  • Laboratory for assessment of thyroid hormones and autoantibodies
  • PET/CT centre of excellence nuclear medical ­cancer diagnostics and therapy
  • Diagnostics of musculoskeletal disorders nuclear medical sentinel node detection
  • Nuclear medical diagnostics of cardiac diseases
  • Nuclear medical diagnostics of neurological and psychiatric diseases
  • Nuclear medical therapy of inflammatory joint disorders (radiosynovectomy)
  • World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Assistance
  • Regional centre for radiation protection (funded by industrial injuries corporations)
  • Officially accredited monitoring executive for ­assessing incorporation in persons with business associated radiation exposure