Patient Rights

Know your Rights!

Patient briefing

Apart form the entitlement to medical treatment, the patient is also entitled to patient briefings conducted by the attending physicians. They are obliged to comprehensively provide information about the relevancy, the consequences, the chances and risks of the treatment, the examination procedure, surgeries as well as the effect of medication.

Medical secrecy

Ensuring the patient’s privacy is guaranteed in our University Hospital. The complete hospital staff is liable to medical secrecy involving all matters related to the disease.


Forthcoming surgeries or other interventions, apart from emergencies, are subject to the patient’s approval in the form of a personal signature.

Access records and data protection

All records on the treatment and the course of diseases as well as personal data are kept strictly confidential in a patient record.On request, information about the records is available and the inspection of records is possible with the attending physician. Furthermore there is also the possibility of receiving copies of the records for a fee.