Conditions of admission/Costs

To carry out the admission, the University Hospital usually requires the letter of referral from the family doctor and the health insurance card for billing. The presentation of treatment files, X-ray photographs and other medical diagnostic findings of previous examinations as well as a summary of regularly taken medicine can be helpful.Furthermore the identification card has to be presented. Taking along valuables should be avoided if possible at hospital.

Formalities along with admission

Previous to in-patient admission the patient admission department of the relevant clinic conducts carrying out formalities and the registration of the patient data relevant for billing. This includes the conclusion of the contract governing medical treatment, the optional benefit agreement (private medical care, single or double bedroom), if applicable the accommodation and board of an accompanying person, if applicable the waiver declaration for renouncing claims related to private insurance entitlements. Please do not forget to bring the necessary documents.

Insurees of statutory health insurances

Please do not forget to present the provision of the hospital treatment (referral issued by the SHI-physician) and the health insurance card or other proof of the existing membership in a health insurance.


Insurees of statutory health insurances who are older than 18 years pay (according to § 39 (4) Social Code Book V) at the most 10 Euro daily for 28 days beginning with the in-patient hospital care. (Payments already made in other hospitals reduce the days to be paid in the University Hospital Würzburg). The University Hospital forwards the co-payment paid by the patient to the respective sponsor. Your health insurance informs you about the exemption from co-payments.

Insurees of private health insurances

The billing of private medical care services is carried out by the respective head of Clinic/Department according to GOÄ/GOZ. Please be prepared to present the health insurance card of the private health insurance, if applicable the proof of the insurance benefits (single, double bedroom, private medical care services.

Social welfare beneficiaries

It is absolutely necessary to present the provision of the clinic services (issuance by the referring SHI-physician) as well as the written assumption of cost statement by the respective social welfare office.

Self-pay patients (Patients without health insurance)

With self-pay patients there is the obligation of an advance payment or other securities in the amount of the expected charges based on a precalculation.

The billing of foreign patients through the social security agreement

The claims form for foreign countries “E 111 l EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)” is valid in case of emergency; the claims form for foreign countries “E 112” is valid for intended treatments.