A matter close to our heart

The treatment and care of children is a matter that is close to the Clinic’s heart, as a hospital stay is always a serious cut in the habitual daily routine and the familiar surrounding of a child. Also for the family members, the admission of a child always involves special concerns and certain insecurity. In the Department of Paediatrics only specially trained physicians and nursing staff with a lot of experience and empathy are responsible for the treatment of your child. The personnel of the Department of Paediatrics Würzburg is highly skilled in its expert knowledge and the department offers special institutions in the following areas of expertise for paediatric medical science: Intensive care for premature infants and newborns as well as children of all ages, oncology, stem cell therapy, nephropathy and urologic diseases, infectious diseases and immunology, pulmonary diseases, rheumatic diseases, diseases of the digestive system as well as of the metabolic and hormone system, diseases of the nervous system et al..

In the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, premature infants and newborns are taken care of intensively directly beside the labour room, always close to their mother.

This concept is unique in Würzburg and the surrounding area. Whenever it is necessary, your child is taken care of in close cooperation with other departments such as the Department of Paediatric Surgery, the Department of Paediatric Neurosurgery or the Department of Urology in order to guarantee an optimal treatment. The University Department of Paediatrics offers state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging techniques for the diagnostics of many paediatric diseases.

The non-medical staff as well supports the recovery of your child with manifold activities. The children are taken care of with on the one hand competent and on the other hand playful-therapeutic measures. The parents or legal guardians are important contact persons for the child as well as for the University Hospital  and are therefore especially involved in the treatment of the child.   

Options for parents and children

Additional admission of an accompanying person. The additional admission of an accompanying person due to medical reasons, if approved by the responsible senior resident, is part of the general clinical service with children up to the 6th year of age. With older children, there is the possibility of effecting the admission of a family member as an optional benefit. 

Parents' accomodation

As it comforts children of any age to have their parents close, we point to the institutions such as the parents’ accommodation brought into being by divers parents’ initiatives. These institutions offer accommodation and mutual support through the dialogue with other parents. This offer especially addresses family members that have a long journey to the Clinic. The nursing staff of the ward will gladly support you in the allocation of rooms. 

School for ill children

During the clinical treatment the children are supervised by the school for ill children where teachers of all forms of schools (also vocational and special need schools) tutor the children. The tuition complies with the personal capacity of the children – after consultation of the attending physician. Tuition in the clinic is given if pupils are expected to not be able to participate in the classes at their regular school for a longer period of time or if they have to come to the clinic in regular intervals for a specific period of time. 


Laughing and playing is especially important for the recovery of children. For this reason our childcare workers as well as several professionals offer supervision with games, music, tinker and painting in addition to the medical and nursing care. Most of our paediatric wards offer a playroom. Children can play outside on the playground, the weather and their health conditions permitting. 

Parents associations

More information and often also active support can furthermore be found with diverse parents’ development associations as well as the Social Service of the Department of Paediatrics (phone: +49 931 201-27465 or +49 931 201-27848 or the Self-Help Office – Information and Cost Centre of the Town of Würzburg (phone: +49 931 373468 or +49 931 373 706.