Short-term therapies

Short-term therapies are often very effective, especially for anxiety disorders. For this reason, and because many patients with anxiety disorders face long waiting times for psychotherapy, we are working on the development of effective outpatient short-term therapies for anxiety disorders.

What are short-term therapies?

Particularly for anxiety disorders, short-term therapies have proven to be quite effective. In the course of a maximum of two times twelve therapy units and an introductory consultation, it is often possible to achieve amazing success in overcoming anxiety. Sometimes, even significantly fewer hours are sufficient. A classic area of short-term therapy is crisis intervention or anxiety disorders in connection with a defined conflict problem. At CAC, however, we are working on the development of effective outpatient short-term therapies for other forms of anxiety disorders as well.

ELAN Study

Within the framework of the DFG-funded therapy study ELAN, we are investigating which of the established therapy elements are particularly important for which patients. The ELAN study is aimed at patients who suffer from sudden anxiety attacks or panic attacks, who do not dare to walk among people for fear of being embarrassed or badly evaluated, or who avoid being far away from home.

All participants receive a highly effective short-term therapy at the university outpatient psychotherapy clinic. In addition, we use diagnostic questionnaires, perform additional examinations such as an MRI of the brain, and regularly ask questions about momentary assessments using a smartphone.

The aim is to determine who particularly benefits from which element of the therapy. With this knowledge, we want to further individualize the therapy for each patient and make it more efficient in the future.


The costs for a short-term therapy are covered by health insurance. However, it is required to apply for the therapy in advance. Participation in the ELAN study is also free of charge, and is even reimbursed with an expense allowance.


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