Comprehensive Anxiety Center (CAC)

The Comprehensive Anxiety Center (CAC) is the primary point of contact for patients, relatives, and colleagues in research and practice. We offer comprehensive diagnostics, engage in basic research, develop new therapy programs, which we implement directly, and conduct extensive public relations activities.

Fears, panic, and phobias

Generalized fears, panic attacks, or fear of situations or things that pose no real threat, the so-called phobias, classify as anxiety disorders. During the course of their lives, around 20 percent of the population will develop a form of anxiety requiring treatment and severely impairing their everyday lives. Anxiety disorders are often associated with other symptoms and diseases, such as sleep disorders, addictions, cardiac arrhythmia, or high blood pressure. There is often an overlap with depression, which can be the consequence or cause of anxiety.

Causal research and treatment strategies

Anxiety disorders develop for a variety of reasons and usually from a combination of several factors, with the combined effect of predisposition and environmental factors such as stress. Treatment is as complex as the development of the disorder. Accordingly, successful therapy requires an interdisciplinary approach, competence, a lot of experience, and constantly improving therapy methods.

First center in Germany

In order to live up to this standard, the Comprehensive Anxiety Center (CAC) was founded in 2017 as the first research and treatment center of its kind in Germany, and was officially included as an A-Center in the Bavarian State Hospital Plan in 2018. Numerous experts from a wide range of disciplines collaborate in this joint facility of University Hospital and University of Würzburg.

Information and prevention

In cooperation with self-help groups, health insurance companies, and politicians, these therapies can benefit all those affected. A further important concern of ours is to raise awareness for anxiety disorders in society and introduce preventive strategies to prevent the occurrence of anxiety disorders.

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