Anesthesia and intensive care

The basics of anesthesia and intensive care medicine are taught on the basis of the catalogue of learning objectives. The series of lectures, the seminar and the exercises at the bedside are aimed at all students of human medicine, especially the European guest students within the Erasmus programme. The lectures are held in german.

Basics of anesthesia and intensive care

The sector anesthesia is part of the special field of anesthesiology with the further pillars intensive care, emergency medicine and pain therapy. With its fields of activity clinical anesthesiology is characterized by a highly interdisciplinary attitude.

Contents from the objectives catalogue

The teaching of basic and specialised knowledge in this subject is defined in the national catalogue of learning objectives, which aims to define those competences that students should acquire in relation to the subject of anesthesiology, as well as the interdisciplinary border areas nationwide by the end of their studies.

Contents of the catalogue of learning objectives

Analogous to the national catalogue of learning objectives, comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of anesthesia are imparted for the anesthesia procedures anesthesia, regional anesthesia and local anesthesia including their pre- and post-treatment. This also includes the maintenance of vital functions during surgical and diagnostic procedures including monitoring. The continuation of the intensive treatment of critically ill patients of all age groups is defined under the learning objectives in intensive care medicine.

Offers in the field of anesthesia and intensive care

In the field of anesthesia and surgical intensive care our department offers you the following possibilities for participating in clinical courses amongst others:

Series of lectures anesthesia and surgical intensive care

The series of lectures, Course No. 03100200, take place regularly once a week and are terminated with an examination in form of a triple-written test (surgery, urology, anaesthesia). The final written test at the end of the term includes multiple-choice questions and it will be held as a tablet-based-examination.

The instruction will be offered in German.

Participating in the written test is a precondition for joining the seminar "Anesthesiology and surgical intensive care" (No. 03100100 and 03100110).

Seminar and course anesthesiology and surgical intensive care

During the seminar week, Course No. 03100100 (No. 03100110), (normally from Monday to Thursday) you get intensive lessons in small groups in our simulation center as part of an objective oriented dense practical training as well as in our anesthesiological intensive care unit. Subsequently at least on two days during the job shadowing you receive an insight into the daily anaesthesiological routine under supervision by a board-certified anaesthesiologist and a 1:1 supervision by a trainee anesthesiologist in one surgical field that is cared for by our department.

To start the seminar with a range of well-founded theoretical skills, it is a precondition to participate in the triple-written test (see also course No. 03100200) first.
In accordance with the respective group schedule, it exists a regular compulsory attendance during the seminar week.

The instruction will be offered in German.

Students who demonstrably pass only one term at the University Hospital of Würzburg have the possibility to complete both the seminar and the series of lectures (see also course 03100200). As an exception the seminar can be attended at the end of the term before the triple-exam is written.

Practical anesthesia and intensive care

The elective subject of practical anaesthesia (03100400) is a seminar with practical exercises and bedside teaching (UaK). The number of participants is limited to a maximum of six students.

The instruction is given in a theoretical way as a seminar in the meeting room of the department of anesthesiology as well as in a practical way (hands on training) using our innovative full-scale patient simulator in the simulation center or in the operating rooms. Additional learning units are completed in our anesthesiological intensive care unit.

Lessons take place weekly. There is no written test in this elective (there is a summative evaluation, which means you pass with 80 percent participation). The instruction will be offered in German.


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