Diving and hyperbaric medicine

We offer interested students – also within the framework of the Erasmus programme – the optional subject "Basics of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine". With this course you will acquire the ability to assess and clarify diving accidents caused by work or leisure activities and to carry out a professional hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the sense of decompression. The courses are held in German language.

The exchange sport is becoming more and more popular. Every licensed physician is entitled to determine the suitability for diving. Therefore, it is recommended to apply relevant examination standards and recommendations of medical associations in order to make the right decisions in case of emergency. In the elective subject, specialist knowledge of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HB0) is taught.

Contents of the teaching offer

The seminar combines teaching of theoretical knowledge as well as practical exercises in this field. It discusses physical fundamentals, technical requirements as well as (patho-) and physiological effects of sport diving and technical diving. Further, therapeutic indications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are discussed. Besides imparting theoretical contents and basics of diving medicine, emergency medicine therapies of particular disease patterns are discussed within case studies in the form of the HBO-therapy (hyperbaric oxygen medicine). Relevant emergency medical and intensive care disease patterns are presented.

Pressure chamber

Practical trainings to determine the diving suitability, to render first aid to diving accidents as well as evaluations and follow-up testings of pressure chamber treatments are scheduled. The implementation of mediated strategies to manage problems for the treatment of medical critical incidents complete the contents of this elective teaching module considering the specific circumstances of the hyperbaric atmosphere.

Offers in the field of pain medicine

In the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine our department offers you the following possibility for participating in our course:

Seminar "Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine"

The series of lectures, Course No. 03100700, will be offered as agreed upon with the lecturer and appointments will be fixed on the first day. At the beginning of the term the introductory event will be followed by a weekend block seminar. The series of lectures will be finished with an oral-practical test and also contain compulsory attendance in case of registered participation in the elective (at least 80 percent compulsory attendance, otherwise you do not pass).

In this elective teaching module theoretical basics of diving and hyperbaric medicine as well as practical competences in the field of assessing the diving suitability and rendering first aid to diving accidents will be exercised. The seminar is organized as a block course. On the first day there is a preliminary discussion and an introduction usually from 16:00 to 19:00 p.m., followed by a weekend block course. Most of the time the finals are at the end of the medical curriculum, but could also be preponed at students' requests.

Main learning objectives are

  • hyperbaric physics and diving related physiology
  • hyperbaric pathophysiology
  • inert gas effects and oxygen intoxication
  • acute and chronic dysbaric sicknesses and drowning
  • suitability criteria and contraindications
  • medicines used in case of overpressure
  • diving accident management
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), indications and contraindications
  • safety standards and qualifications
  • internship "emergency training – diving accident" and - if available – the internship "pressure chamber drive".

Voluntary seminar

Motivated students who already graduated from another elective or want to graduate from an elective are also welcome to participate in the seminar "Basics of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine" voluntarily .

Course does not take place currently!

Unfortunately the course does not take place due to illness, currently. Please contact Mrs. Fleißner, e-mail: an_lehre@ ukw.de or Mrs. Sprecakovic, e-mail: sprecakovi_r@ ukw.de if you have any questions or if you are interested.


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