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Become a nurse at the UKW – a job in accordance with your wishes

How much time do you want to spend working in nursing? You decide. In which field? You choose. Do you want to do further training? We will organise it. In short: Tell us what your concept of the ideal nursing job is – and we will do our best to make it possible for you.


From the ophthalmic clinic to the dental clinic, from surgery to psychiatry

You will find all specialist fields of medicine here. And of course we as a university clinic also have a research assignment, we are at the cutting edge in all disciplines. For you as a nurse or nursing assistant this means:

Every day you can soak up state-of-the-art knowledge and the most modern nursing methods.

Get to know

your new colleagues

How much do you want to work? 25 per cent? 100 per cent? Somewhere in between?

You can arrange your work model according to whatever is in the offing in your life at the moment. Do you have children, for example? Do you need to care for relatives? Or are you planning to go abroad for a while? That will work. In this case you can work with partial wage continuation, for example. The details must be discussed of, course, but there are all kinds of possibilities at the UKW.

You can always continue to develop further with us

– no matter what your present level is. Do you want to attend a specialist care congress? Then you go. You would like to do further training as a practical instructor? You do that at our academy. Or do you have the feeling you need fresh stimuli and new challenges in your work as a nurse? Then change your field of work; this is always possible, too.

Daycare for children from 10 months

We look after your children, even during early and late shift times.

Continuing education and further training

Amongst other places at the UKW’s own academy.

Sports and leisure

From the brand-new milon circuit to yoga and running groups - plus special conditions in shops and for attractions in and around Würzburg

General conditions

For you as a nurse at the UKW, the TV-L [on the German public service salary scale] applies. Here, central aspects such as remuneration, working hours or vacation days as well as the nursing allowance for university hospitals are regulated in a binding way.

Here the colleagues on the ward can give you insights into what is involved in their work as a nurse.

You have to like yourself in the way you nurse.

Harry D. talks about his experience as a young nurse.

Tailoring the work to one's own talents and phase of life - that is possible here.

Daniela E. talks about her personal and professional development at UKW.

I try to bring a breath of fresh air into nursing, to break old habits. 

Angelika K. talks about her work as an academically qualified nurse.

Nursing has always been more than just a job, even before Corona.

Here, Andreas M. talks about his nursing tasks during the Corona pandemic.

You want to work with us? Then we look forward to seeing you!

If you would first like some orientation, then you can gladly come for a couple of days’ observation and form your own opinion. You can contact us by email at pflegedirektion@ ukw.de or by phone at the number +49 931 201-57102 so that we can arrange an appointment. We will also be glad to answer any of your questions then.

Your dream job is not advertised at the moment? Then send an unsolicited application for the field you find most attractive and together we will find a place for you. Please send your documents for this in PDF form to: pflegedirektion@ ukw.de