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Publications 2024

Breyer M, Grüner J, Klein A, Finke L, Klug K, Sauer M, Üçeyler N (2024)
In vitro characterization of cells derived from a patient with the GLA variant c.376A>G (p.S126G) highlights a non-pathogenic role in Fabry disease.
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports 2024 Mar, 38: 101029
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Greguletz P, Plötz M, Baade-Büttner C, Bien CG, Eisenhut K, Geis C, Handreka R, Klausewitz J, Körtvelyessy P, Kovac S, Kraft A, Lewerenz J, Malter M, Nagel M, von Podewils F, Prüß H, Rada A, Rau J, Rauer S, Rößling R, Seifert-Held T, Siebenbrodt K, Sühs KW, Tauber SC, Thaler F, Wagner J, Wickel J, Leypoldt F, Rittner HL, Sommer C, Villmann C, Doppler K (2024)
GENERATE study group. Different pain phenotypes are associated with anti-Caspr2 autoantibodies.
Journal of Neurology 2024 May; 271(5): 2736-2744
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Hartmannsberger B, Scriba S, Guidolin C, Becker J, Mehling K, Doppler K, Sommer C, Rittner HL (2024)
Transient immune activation without loss of intraepidermal innervation and associated Schwann cells in patients with complex regional pain syndrome.
Journal of Neuroinflammation 2024 Jan 17; 21(1): 23
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Klein T, Grüner J, Breyer M, Schlegel J, Schottmann NM, Hofmann L, Gauss K, Mease R, Erbacher C, Finke L, Klein A, Klug K, Karl-Schöller F, Vignolo B, Reinhard S, Schneider T, Günther K, Fink J, Dudek J, Maack C, Klopocki E, Seibel J, Edenhofer F, Wischmeyer E, Sauer M, Üçeyler N (2024)
Small fibre neuropathy in Fabry disease: a human-derived neuronal in vitro disease model and pilot data.
Brain Communications 2024 Apr 3; 6(2).
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Klein A, Klug K, Breyer M, Grüner J, Medala VK, Nordbeck P, Wanner C., Klopocki E, Üçeyler N (2024)
Genetic variants of unknown significance in alpha-galactosidase A: Cellular delineation from Fabry disease.
Journal of Inherited Metabolism Disease 2024 Apr 15; Online ahead of print
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Mehling K, Becker J, Chen J, Scriba S, Kindl G, Jakubietz R, Sommer C, Hartmannsberger B, Rittner HL (2024)
Bilateral deficiency of Meissner corpuscles and papillary microvessels in patients with acute complex regional pain syndrome.
Pain 2024 Feb 7; 10.1097; Epub. ahead of print
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Publications 2023

Appeltshauser L, Doppler K (2023)
Pan-Neurofascin autoimmune nodopathy – a life-threatening, but reversible neuropathy.
Current Opinion in Neurology 2023 Oct 1; 36(5): 394-40
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Cebulla N, Schirmer D, Runau E, Flamm L, Gommersbach S, Stengel H, Zhou X, Einsele H, Reinhold AK, Rogalla von Bieberstein B, Zeller D, Rittner H, Kortüm M, Sommer C (2023)
Neurofilament light chain levels indicate acute axonal damage under bortezomib treatment.
Journal of Neurology 2023 Feb 18; 270(6): 2997-3007

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Chen JT, Hu X, Otto IUC, Schürger C, von Bieberstein BR, Doppler K, Krug SM, Hankir MK, Blasig R, Sommer C, Brack A, Blasig IE, Rittner HL (2023) 
Myelin barrier breakdown, mechanical hypersensitivity, and painfulness in polyneuropathy with claudin-12 deficiency.
Neurobiology of Disease 2023 Jul; 30: 106246

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Griebel M, Segebarth D, Stein N, Schukraft N, Tovote P, Blum R, Flath CM (2023).
Deep learning-enabled segmentation of ambiguous bioimages with deepflash2.
Nature Communications 2023 May 24; 14(1): 2993

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Reinhold AK, Hartmannsberger B, Burek M, Rittner HL (2023)
Stabilizing the neural barrier – A novel approach in pain therapy.
Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2023 Sep; 249: 108484
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Rozenfeld E, Ehmann N, Manoim JE, Kittel RJ, Parnas M (2023)
Homeostatic synaptic plasticity rescues neural coding reliability.
Nature Communications 2023 May 24; 14(1): 2993
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Schulte A, Lohner H, Degenbeck J, Segebarth D, Rittner HL, Blum R, Aue A (2023)
Unbiased analysis of the dorsal root ganglion after peripheral nerve injury: no neuronal loss, no gliosis, but satellite glial cell plasticity.
Pain 2023 Apr 1; 164(4) 728-740

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Weichard I, Taschenberger H, Gsell F, Bornschein G, Ritzau-Jost A, Schmidt H, Kittel RJ, Eilers J, Neher E, Hallermann S, Nerlich J (2023)
Fully-primed slowly-recovering vesicles mediate presynaptic LTP at neocortical neurons.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 2023 Oct 24; 120 (43): 2017
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Widder A, Reese L, Lock JF, Wiegering A, Germer CT, Kindl GK, Rittner HL, Dietz U, Doerfer J, Schlegel N, Meir M (2023)
Postoperative Analgesics Score as a Predictor of Chronic Postoperative Inguinal Pain After Inguinal Hernia Repair: Lessons Learned From a Retrospective Analysis.
World Journal of Surgery 2023 May 29; 47: 2436–2443

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Zhou X, Besse A, Peter J, Steinhardt MJ, Vogt C, Nerreter S, Teufel E, Stanojkovska E, Xiao X, Hornburger H, Haertle L, Lopez MM, Munawar U, Riedel A, Han S, Maurits E, Overkleeft HS, Florea B, Einsele H, Kortüm KM, Driessen C, Besse L, Rasche L (2023)
High-dose carfilzomib achieves superior anti-tumor activity over low-dose and recaptures response in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma resistant to lowdose carfilzomib by co-inhibiting the β2 and β1 subunits of the proteasome complex.
Haematologica 2023 Jun 1; 108(6): 1628-1639

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Zhou X, Han S, Cebulla N, Haertle L, Steinhardt MJ, Schirmer D, Runau E, Flamm L, Terhorst C, Jähnel C,  Vogt C, Nerreter S, Teufel E, Stanojkovska E, Mersi J,  Munawar U, Schindehütte M, Blum R, Reinhold AK,   Scherf-Clavel O, Rittner HL, Pham M, Rasche L, Einsele H, Sommer C, Kortüm M (2023)
Bortezomib induced peripheral neuropathy and single nucleotide polymorphisms in PKNOX1.
Biomarker Research 2023 May 16; 11(1): 52

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Publications 2022

Becker J, Papagianni A, Herrmann E, Nöller F, Sommer C, Rittner HL (2022)
Transient hypoalgesia after COVID-19 infection.
Pain Reports 2022 Mar 11; 7(2): e990
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Reinhold AK, Kindl GK, Dietz C, Scheu N, Mehling K, Brack A, Birklein F, Rittner HL (2022)
Molecular and clinical markers of pain relief in complex regional pain syndrome: An observational study.
European Journal of Pain 2023 Feb; 27(2): 278-288
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Reinhold AK, Krug SM, Salvador E, Sauer RS, Karl-Schöller F, Malcangio M, Sommer C, Rittner HL (2022)
MicroRNA-21-5p functions via RECK/MMP9 as a proalgesic regulator of the blood nerve barrier in nerve injury.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2022 Sep; 1515(1): 184-195

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Reinhold AK, Salvador E, Förster CY, Birklein F, Rittner HL (2022)
Microvascular Barrier Protection by microRNA-183 via FoxO1 Repression: A Pathway Disturbed in Neuropathy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
The Journal of Pain 2022 Jun; 23(6): 967-980

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Teichmüller K, Bast L, Rittner HL, Kindl G (2022)
Chronische Schmerzen im Seniorenalter vor dem Hintergrund der COVID-19- Pandemie.
Der Schmerz 2022 Dec; 36(6): 429-436
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Weiß F, Czichos C, Knobe L, Voges L, Bojarski C, Michel G, Fromm M, Krug SM (2022)
MarvelD3 Is Upregulated in Ulcerative Colitis and Has Attenuating Effects during Colitis Indirectly Stabilizing the Intestinal Barrier.
Cells 2022 May 4; 11(9):1541
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Publications 2021

Essig F, Kollikowski AM, Müllges W, Stoll G, Haeusler KG, Schuhmann MK, Pham M (2021)
Local Cerebral Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator Concentrations During Acute Stroke.
JAMA Neurology 2021 May 1; 78(5): 615-617 
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Oehler B, Brack A, Blum R, Rittner HL (2021)
Pain Control by Targeting Oxidized Phospholipids: Functions, Mechanisms, Perspectives.
Frontiers in Endocrinology 2021 Jan 25; 11: 613868
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Rozenfeld E, Ehmann N, Manoim JE, Kittel RJ, Parnas M (2023)
Homeostatic synaptic plasticity rescues neural coding reliability.
Nature Communications 2023 May 24; 14(1): 2993
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