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Referring physicians

Collegial cooperation with all cardiologist and general practitioners is very important for our work. As a central contact point for heart failure and the care of heart failure patients we are happy to address all your questions, give advice and work within a friendly collaboration.

Complementary treatment or consultation

Especially patients with complex forms of heart failure can benefit from a complementary treatment by our specialized outpatient heart failure clinic. Especially because of the interdisciplinary team working within the university hospital and in our outpatient heart failure clinic it is possible, to plan and perform specialized and patient-centred diagnostics and therapy.

Also, it is possible to identify suitable study participants and allowing them participation.

General information for patient referral

Please hand out a referral slip to your patients and make sure, he brings his health insurance card with him. Before the first presentation in our heart failure outpatient clinic it is helpful, to provide us with all the medical records and current results from the patient.
You can send all the medical documents to:

Universitätsklinikum Würzburg
Deutsches Zentrum für Herzinsuffizienz (DZHI)
Am Schwarzenberg 15, Haus A 15
97078 Würzburg

It is also possible to send the documents via fax: +49 931 201-646303

In case of urgency

If your patient needs an urgent appointment, we would kindly ask you, to contact us directly and we can plan a short-term visit in our outpatient clinic. Please understand, we are no emergency department.

Medical appointment allocation

Appointments for our

  • Outpatient heart failure clinic
  • General cardiology outpatient clinic
  • Amyloidosis consultation
  • Cardiovascular genetics specialized consultation
  • Terminal heart failure patients

Can be made via our secretary: Monday to Thursday from 8 am until 4.30 pm and Fridays from 8 am until 3 pm. Phone: +49 931 201 46301

More detailed information about our outpatient clinics and an overview on our specialized consultations within the CHFC can be found here.

Further questions

In case of further questions please feel free to contact directly our Senior Clinician Scientists (office: +49 931 201-46301 or via Email: dzhi@ ukw.de).

Participation in clinical studies

The CHFC offers the possibility, to actively take part in ongoing clinical trials within the interest of heart failure. There are drug trials as well as observational studies.

To suggest a patient for a clinical trial within the CHFC please contact our executive study nurse Gabriele Hartner (phone:+49 931 291-46375 or Email hartner_g@ ukw.de).

Training program for qualified medical staff

For handling and managing patients with heart failure in cardiology or general practice the CHFC offers a number of different training programs for qualified medical staff.


Öffnungszeiten der Herzinsuffizienz-Ambulanz

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