Custom pressure device for EUS-HVPG and EUS-LB management

Currently, the hepatic vein pressure gradient (HVPG) is the gold-standard technique for checking on portal hypertension. However, the technique has obvious drawbacks, including the use of ionizing radiation and the invasiveness of the procedure, which lead to a considerable burden for the patient. New approaches that have recently been developed using endoscopic ultrasound are regarded as effective and safe and have been successfully applied in several studies.

We have developed a custom pressure device specifically designed for managing endoscopic ultrasound techniques (HVPG and liver biopsy). The device’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to integrate into the medical procedure. It can also save data of interest from the procedure onto a memory card.

Thanks to this development, we are intending to extract as much data as possible from EUS procedures in order to contrast the potential benefits of the device with current techniques and improve the quality of medical procedures and patients’ safety and comfort.


Portraitfoto von Joel Troya

Joel Troya

Member of the working group

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Prof. Dr. med.
Alexander Hann

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Prof. Dr. med.
Alexander Meining

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