Core Areas of Research

At the Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, various working groups are conducting research on a wide range of topics. All of our research activities aim at either a better understanding of the background and development of a certain mental disorder, or the improvement and advancement of treatment options.

Our core areas of research

Translational Social Neuroscience
Prof. Dr. Grit Hein
Phone: +49 931 201 77411
E-Mail: Hein_G@

Clinical Anxiety Research
Prof. Dr. med. Angelika Erhardt-Lehmann
Phone: +49 931 201 77130
E-Mail: Erhardt_A@

Dementia Prevention
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Wuttke
Phone: +49 931 201 77710
E-Mail: Wuttke_A@

Personalised therapy for affective disorders
Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Stefan Unterecker
Tel. (0931) 201 77545

Geriatric Psychiatry
PD Dr. med. Martin Lauer
Phone: +49 931 201 76560
E-Mail: Lauer_M@

ADHD in adulthood
Dr. med. Georg Ziegler
Tel. (0931) 201 76590

Rehabilitation Science
Prof. Dr. H. Heiner Vogel

Functional Imaging and non-invasive Brain Stimulation
Prof. Dr. Martin Herrmann
Phone: +49 931 201 76650
E-Mail: Herrmann_M@

Functional Neuroanatomy
Prof. Dr. Angelika Schmitt-Böhrer
Phone: +49 931 201 76402
E-Mail: Schmitt_A3@

Functional Genomics
PD Dr. Heike Weber
Phone: +49 931 201 76403
E-Mail: Weber_H2@

Neuronal human cell models
Dr. rer. nat. Rhiannon McNeill
E-Mail: mcneill_r@