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  • Illustration: Im Labor des DZHI
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Myocardium, metabolism, heart and brain

The researchers within the CHFC and within the cooperating clinical institutes are trying to provide answers to the three most important questions:
How is the myocardium, the heart muscle, affected in heart failure? Understanding the interaction between heart and brain. Are there interactions with other organs?



The project myocardium is investigating the central role of the heart muscle within the cardiovascular system during the development of heart failure. The focus is to understand cellular mechanisms leading to heart failure as well as developing novel methods to illustrate the regular heart function but also the changes occurring in heart failure.

Heart and Brain

The project heart and brain is focussing on the complex interactions between heart and brain. One essential component of this interplay (here as an example) is the sympathetic nerve. It is activated in the central brain and has important impact on heart function. Vice versa, heart function also regulates the blood perfusion of the brain. The physiological and pathological interactions between these organs are not limited to this mechanism.

Heart, metabolismus and other organs

The project heart, metabolism and other organs is investigating the role of different organs in the pathogenesis of heart failure but also the impact of co-morbidities.

Contact Person

Porträtfoto von Dr. med. Stefan Frantz

Prof. Dr. med.
Stefan Frantz

Direktor der Medizinischen Klinik und Poliklinik I

+49 931 201-39000

Porträtfoto von Universitätsprofessor Dr. med. Stefan Störk

Prof. Dr. med.
Stefan Störk

Leiter des Departments Klinische Forschung und Epidemiologie der Herzinsuffizienz

+49 931 201-46363

Porträtfoto von Universitätsprofessor Dr. med. Christoph Maack

Prof. Dr. med.
Christoph Maack

Sprecher des DZHI

+49 931 201-46502

Porträtfoto von Universitätsprofessorin Dr. med. Brenda Gerull

Prof. Dr. med.
Brenda Gerull

Leiterin des Departments Kardiovaskuläre Genetik

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. et med. habil.
Laura Schreiber MBA

Leiterin des Departments Bildgebung

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