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The genes on the track

The Core Facility „Cardiovascular Genetics” provides support for analysis, management and interpretation of “Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)” data such as whole exomes and NGS-panels for inherited cardiac diseases. We are using NGS-platforms such as a NextSeq 500 and a MiSeq located and operated at the Institute of Human Genetics and at the Core Facility „System Medicine” of the IZKF.

We are also providing different model systems for modelling genetic cardiac diseases. Here, we are able to help with the generation and differentiation of cardiac cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as well as to help with gene editing via CRISPR-Cas9 technology of iPSCs. In addition, we also use the developing and adult zebrafish as a model system to investigate genetic cardiovascular disease. We do have a zebrafish facility for housing zebrafish and provide the technology to phenotypically characterize the heart in health and disease. There are different background lines and genetic models (knock-out, knock-in of specific cardiac genes) available.


Contact Person

Porträtfoto von Universitätsprofessorin Dr. med. Brenda Gerull

Prof. Dr. med.
Brenda Gerull

Leiterin des Departments Kardiovaskuläre Genetik

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