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Music and art therapy

Music and art therapy have become established as effective treatment methods for mental disorders. The methods of creating art and making music promote inner perception, open paths of Access, and enable forms of expression to interact with oneself and one's environment without having to speak. We offer both forms of therapy in individual and group sessions.

Music therapy

Music therapy uses primarily the non-verbal medium of music. It allows feelings that are difficult to put into words to be expressed in active music-making and behavior patterns to be reflected in the music. This promotes interpersonal exchange and emotions or behavior can be explored, understood, and processed.

A wide variety of instruments are available, such as the piano, string instruments, drums, marimba, vibraphone and a multitude of small exotic instruments. The music therapy sessions take place in fixed or thematically related groups or also as individual sessions. In addition, we offer the opportunity to participate in a singing group and in weekly relaxation exercises with music.

Art therapy

Art therapy addresses the basic human need to express oneself creatively. Through the artistic material and working with paint and brushes, pictures, Feelings, and thoughts literally take shape. They become tangible, comprehensible, and subsequently changeable. An opportunity develops to get in contact with one's environment and to create a kind of relationship. Joint, neutral viewing of the picture assists the patient to understand herself/himself better, and to employ self-healing capabilities. Thus, art therapy is psychotherapeutically oriented, focusing on the inner psychological and biographical aspects of the patient.

A variety of materials are available, such as paint, chalk, modeling clay or stone. Our program includes individual and group therapy or independent artistic creation in an "open studio".

Goals of art and music therapy

Both creative-design therapies aim to expand one's perception of oneself and one's surroundings, and to find alternative forms of expression. The patient's own needs are investigated, and emotions are given an outlet. Creativity is encouraged and stimulated along the way. The patient discovers new abilities and thus strengthens self-confidence. All in all, there is an increasing sense of stability and security.


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