Hier finden Sie ausgewählte Publikationen der Poliklinik für Zahnerhaltung und Paradontologie des Universitätsklinikums Würzburg.

Jockel-Schneider Y, Bechtold M, Haubitz I, Stork S, Fickl S, Harks I, Eigenthaler M, Vollrath O, Baulmann J, Schlagenhauf U (2018)
Impact of anti-infective periodontal therapy on parameters of vascular health.
J Clin Periodontol 45:354-363.

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Wild-type isolates of Porphyromonas gingivalis derived from periodontitis patients display major variability in platelet activation.
J Clin Periodontol 45:693-700.

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Effect of Periodontal Treatment on HbA1c among Patients with Prediabetes.
J Dent Res 98:171-179.

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Administration of systemic antibiotics during non-surgical periodontal therapy-
a consensus report.
doi: 10.1007/s00784-018-2727-0. [Epub ahead of print].

Publikationen 2016

Dettwiler CA, Walter M, Zaugg LK, Lenherr P, Weiger R, Krastl G (2016)
In vitro assessment of the tooth staining potential of endodontic materials in a bovine tooth model.
Dent Traumatol 32(6):480-487.

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Is furcation involvement affected by adjunctive systemic amoxicillin plus metronidazole? A clinical trials exploratory subanalysis.
J Clin Periodontol:839-48.

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Implant treatment in periodontally compromised subjects – quality of life and patient satisfaction.
Clin Oral Investig:697-702.

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On the relationship between gingival morphotypes and different crown shape assessments in young Caucasians.
Clin Oral Investig:2185-2190.

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European Society of Endodontology position statement: Revitalization procedures.
Int Endod J 49(8):717-23.

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Impact of the Daily Use of a Microcrystal Hydroxyapatite Dentifrice on De Novo Plaque Formation and Clinical/Microbiological Parameters of Periodontal Health. A Randomized Trial.
PLoS ONE e0160142.

Jockel-Schneider Y, Goßner SK, Petersen N, Stölzel P, Hägele F, Schweiggert RM, Haubitz I, Eigenthaler M, Carle R, Schlagenhauf U (2016)
Stimulation of the nitrate-nitrite-NO-metabolism by repeated lettuce juice consumption decreases gingival inflammation in periodontal recall patients: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial.
J Clin Periodontol:603-8.

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Atraumatic surgical extrusion to improve tooth restorability: A clinical report.
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Guided Endodontics: a novel treatment approach for teeth with pulp canal calcification and apical pathology.
Dent Traumatol 32(3):240-246.

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Quintessence Int:123-39.

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J Clin Periodontol:948-954.

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Prevalence of periodontitis in individuals with human leukocyte antigens (HLA) A9, B15, A2, and B5.
Clin Oral Investig:703-10.

Soliman S, Preidl R, Karl S, Hofmann N, Krastl G, Klaiber B (2016)
Influence of Cavity Margin Design and Restorative Material on Marginal Quality and Seal of Extended Class II Resin Composite Restorations In Vitro.
J Adhes Dent 18(1):7-16.

Thalmair T, Fickl S, Wachtel H (2016)
Coverage of Multiple Mandibular Gingival Recessions Using Tunnel Technique with Connective Tissue Graft: A Prospective Case Series.
Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent:859-867.

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Influence of the bleaching interval on the luminosity of long-term discolored enamel-dentin discs.
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Publikationen 2015

Fickl S (2015)
Peri-implant mucosal recession: Clinical significance and therapeutic opportunities.
Quintessence Int 46(8):671-6.

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 Porcine dermal matrix in the treatment of dehiscence-type defects--an experimental split-mouth animal trial.
Clin Oral Implants Res 26(7):799-805.

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On the relationship between gingival biotypes and gingival thickness in young Caucasians.
Clin Oral Implants Res 26(8):865-9.

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Influence of local administration of pamidronate on extraction socket healing - a histomorphometric proof-of-principle pre-clinical in vivo evaluation.
Clin Oral Implants Res 26(10):1135-42.

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Is progression of periodontitis relevantly influenced by systemic antibiotics? A clinical randomized trial.
J Clin Periodontol 42(9):832-42.

Untch M, Schlagenhauf U (2015)
Inter- and intra-test agreement of three commercially available molecular diagnostic tests for the identification of periodontal pathogens.
Clin Oral Investig 19(8):2045-52.

Publikationen 2014

de Jong TM, Jochens A, Jockel-Schneider Y, Harks I, Dommisch H, Graetz C, Flachsbart F, Staufenbiel I, Eberhard J, Folwaczny M, Noack B, Meyle J, Eickholz P, Gieger C, Grallert H, Lieb W, Franke A, Nebel A, Schreiber S, Doerfer C, Jepsen S, Bruckmann C, van der Velden U, Loos BG, Schaefer AS (2014)
SLC23A1 polymorphism rs6596473 in the vitamin C transporter SVCT1 is associated with aggressive periodontitis.
J Clin Periodontol 41(6):531-40.

Jockel-Schneider Y, Harks I, Haubitz I, Fickl S, Eigenthaler M, Schlagenhauf U, Baulmann J (2014)
Arterial stiffness and pulse wave reflection are increased in patients suffering from severe periodontitis.
PLoS ONE 9(8):e103449.

Fickl S, Fischer KR, Jockel-Schneider Y, Stappert CF, Schlagenhauf U, Kebschull M (2014)
Early wound healing and patient morbidity after single-incision vs. trap-door graft harvesting from the palate--a clinical study.
Clin Oral Investig 18(9):2213-9.

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Clin Oral Investig 18(4):1313-7.

Fischer KR, Grill E, Jockel-Schneider Y, Bechtold M, Schlagenhauf U, Fickl S (2014)
On the relationship between gingival biotypes and supracrestal gingival height, crown form and papilla height.
Clin Oral Implants Res 25(8):894-8.

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Stage-two surgery using collagen soft tissue grafts: Clinical cases and ultrastructural analysis.
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Genome-wide exploration identifies sex-specific genetic effects of alleles upstream NPY to increase the risk of severe periodontitis in men.
J Clin Periodontol 41(12):1115-21.

Schaefer AS, Jochens A, Dommisch H, Graetz C, Jockel-Schneider Y, Harks I, Staufenbiel I, Meyle J, Eickholz P, Folwaczny M, Laine M, Noack B, Wijmenga C, Lieb W, Bruckmann C, Schreiber S, Jepsen S, Loos BG (2014)
A large candidate-gene association study suggests genetic variants at IRF5 and PRDM1 to be associated with aggressive periodontitis.
J Clin Periodontol 41(12):1122-31.

Publikationen 2013

Fickl S, Jockel-Schneider Y, Lincke T, Bechtold M, Fischer KR, Schlagenhauf U (2013) 
Porcine dermal matrix for covering of recession type defects: a case series. Quintessence Int 44(3):243-6.

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A histomorphometric comparison of Bio-Oss alone versus Bio-Oss and platelet-derived growth factor for sinus augmentation: a postsurgical assessment.
Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent 33(3):269-79.

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Validation of reported genetic risk factors for periodontitis in a large-scale replication study.
J Clin Periodontol 40(6):563-72.

Thalmair T, Fickl S, Schneider D, Hinze M, Wachtel H (2013)
 Dimensional alterations of extraction sites after different alveolar ridge preservation techniques - a volumetric study.
J Clin Periodontol 40(7):721-7.

Wachtel H, Fickl S, Hinze M, Bolz W, Thalmair T (2013)
The bone lamina technique: a novel approach for lateral ridge augmentation--a case series.
Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent 33(4):491-7.

Publikationen 2012

Baldassarri M, Hjerppe J, Romeo D, Fickl S, Thompson VP, Stappert CF (2012)
Marginal accuracy of three implant-ceramic abutment configurations.
Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 27(3):537-43.

Fischer KR, Opitz A, Böeck M, Geerling G (2012)
Stability of serum eye drops after storage of 6 months.
Cornea 31(11):1313-8.

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