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Hagen R, Rak K, Kurz A, Baumgartner WD, Gavilán J, van de Heyning P (2022)
The Online HEARRING Counselling 1.0 Platform Provides Clinicians with Comprehensive Information on Hearing Device Solutions for Conductive, Mixed, and Sensorineural Hearing Loss.
Journal of Personalizec Medicine 2022 Dec 7; 12(12): 2027

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Herrmann DP, Müller-Graff FT, Kaulitz S, Cebulla M, Kurz A, Hagen R, Neun T, Rak K (2022)
Application of intentional facial nerve stimulation during cochlear implantation as an electrophysiological tool to estimate the intracochlear electrode position.
Scientific Reports 2022 Aug 4; 12(1): 13426

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Müller-Graff FT, Ilgen L, Schendzielorz P, Voelker J, Taeger J, Kurz A, Hagen R, Neun T, Rak K (2022). Implementation of secondary reconstructions of flat-panel volume computed tomography (fpVCT) and otological planning software for anatomically based cochlear implantation.
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 2022 May; 279(5): 2309-2319.

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Schendzielorz P, Ilgen L, Müller-Graff FT, Noyalet L, Völker J, Taeger J, Hagen R, Neun T, Zabler S, Althoff D, Rak K (2022)
Precise evaluation of the postoperative cochlear duct length by flat-panel volume computed tomography - Application of secondary reconstructions.
Cochlear Implants International 2022 Jan; 23(1): 32-42

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Ehrmann-Müller D, Shehata-Dieler W, Alzoubi A, Hagen R, Cebulla M (2021)
Using ASSR with narrow-band chirps to evaluate hearing in children and adults.
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 2021 Jan; 278(1): 49-56
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Ehrmann-Müller D, Shehata-Dieler W, Kurz A, Kühn H, Hagen R, Rak K (2021)
Bilateral Cochlear Implantation in Children: Long-Term Outcome in the Adult Population With Special Emphasis on the Bilateral Benefit.
Otology & Neurotology 2021 Jul 1; 42(6): 824-831
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Schendzielorz P, Ilgen L, Mueller-Graff T, Noyalet L, Volker J, Taeger J, Hagen R, Neun T, Zabler S, Althoff D, Rak K (2021)
Precise Evaluation of the Cochlear Duct Length by Flat-panel Volume Computed Tomography (fpVCT)-Implication of Secondary Reconstructions.
Otology & Neurotology 2021 Mar; 42(3): e294-e303
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Taeger J, Muller-Graff FT, Ilgen L, Schendzielorz P, Hagen R, Neun T, Rak K (2021)
Cochlear Duct Length Measurements in Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Newly Developed Techniques.
OTO Open 2021 Jul; 5(3): 2473974X211045312
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Taeger J, Muller-Graff FT, Neun T, Koping M, Schendzielorz P, Hagen R, Rak K (2021)
Highly precise navigation at the lateral skull base by the combination of flat-panel volume CT and electromagnetic navigation.
Science Progress 2021 Aug 16; 104(3): 368504211032090
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Wermke K, Cebulla M, Salinger V, Ross V, Wirbelauer J, Shehata-Dieler W (2021)
Cry features of healthy neonates who passed their newborn hearing screening vs. those who did not.
International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology 2021 May; 144:110689
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Wermke K, Sereschk N, May V, Salinger V, Sanchez MR, Shehata-Dieler W, Wirbelauer J (2021)
The Vocalist in the Crib: the Flexibility of Respiratory Behaviour During Crying in Healthy Neonates.
Jounral of Voice 2021 Jan 1; 35(1): 94-103
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Wickert E, Kurz A, Voelker J, Hagen R, Kaulitz S, Rak K (2021)
[Simultaneous implantation of epithesis anchors and Bonebridge to treat severe ear malformations].
Laryngorhinotologie 2021 Feb; 100(11): 882-888
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Doll J, Hofrichter MAH, Bahena P, Heihoff A, Segebarth D, Müller T, Dittrich M, Haaf T, Vona B (2020)
A novel missense variant in MYO3A is associated with autosomal dominant high-frequency hearing loss in a German family.
Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine 2020 Aug; 8(8): e1343
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Doll J, Kolb S, Schnapp L, Rad A, Rüschendorf F, Khan I, Adli A, Hasanzadeh A, Liedtke D, Knaup S, Hofrichter MA, Müller T, Dittrich M, Kong IK, Kim HG, Haaf T, Vona B (2020)
Novel Loss-of-Function Variants in CDC14A are Associated with Recessive Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Iranian and Pakistani Patients.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2020 Jan 2; 21(1): 311
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Doll J, Vona B, Schnapp L, Rüschendorf F, Khan I, Khan S, Muhammad N, Alam Khan S, Nawaz H, Khan A, Ahmad N, Kolb SM, Kühlewein L, Labonne JDJ, Layman LC, Hofrichter MAH, Röder T, Dittrich M, Müller T, Graves TD, Kong IK, Nanda I, Kim HG, Haaf T (2020)
Genetic Spectrum of Syndromic and Non-Syndromic Hearing Loss in Pakistani Families.
Genes (Basel) 2020 Nov 11; 11(11): 1329
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Ehrmann-Müller D, Back D, Kühn H, Hagen R, Shehata-Dieler W (2020)
Long-term treatment outcomes in children with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD).
International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology 2020 May; 132: 109938
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Lekszas C, Foresti O, Raote I, Liedtke D, König EM, Nanda I, Vona B, De Coster P, Cauwels R, Malhotra V, Haaf T (2020)
Biallelic TANGO1 mutations cause a novel syndromal disease due to hampered cellular collagen secretion.
eLife 2020 Feb 26; 9:e51319
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Vona B, Doll J, Hofrichter MAH, Haaf T, Varshney GK (2020)
Small fish, big prospects: using zebrafish to unravel the mechanisms of hereditary hearing loss.
Hearin  Research 2020 Nov; 397: 107906
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