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Bouhassira D, Perrot S, Attal N, Ramirez-Gil JF, Delval C, Schaller M, Bessière B, Houéto P, Sommer C (2022) Combination of inhaled nitrous oxide and oral opioids induces long-lasting analgesic effects in patients with neuropathic pain: ProtoTOP study post hoc exploratory analyses.
Pain 2022 Sep 1; 163 (9): e1021-e9
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Karl-Schöller F, Kunz M, Kreß L, Held M, Egenolf N, Wiesner A, Dandekar T, Sommer C, Üçeyler N (2022)
A translational study: Involvement of miR-21-5p in development and maintenance of neuropathic pain via immune-related targets CCL5 and YWHAE.
Experimental Neurology 2022 Jan; 347: 113915
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European Journal of Pain 2022 Feb; 26(2): 370-389
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Klein, D., Groh, J., Yuan, X., Berve, K., Stassart, R., Fledrich, R., Martini, R. (2022)
Early targeting of endoneurial macrophages alleviates the neuropathy and affects abnormal Schwann cell differentiation in a mouse model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1A.
Glia 2022 Jun; 70(6): 1100-1116
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Lenders M, Nordbeck P, Kurschat C, Eveslage M, Karabul N, Kaufeld J, Hennermann JB, Patten M, Cybulla M, Müntze J, Üçeyler N, Liu D, Das AM, Sommer C, Pogoda C, Reiermann S, Duning T, Gaedeke J, von Cossel K, Blaschke D, Brand SM, Mann WA, Kampmann C, Muschol N, Canaan-Kühl S, Brand E (2022)
Treatment of Fabry Disease management with migalastat-outcome from a prospective 24 months observational multicenter study (FAMOUS).
European Heart Journal  Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy 2022 May 5 2022 May 5; 8(3): 272-281
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Maier A, Boentert M, Reilich P, Witzel S, Petri S, Großkreutz J, Metelmann M, Lingor P, Cordts I, Dorst J, Zeller D, Günther R, Hagenacker T, Grehl T, Spittel S, Schuster J, Ludolph A, Meyer T, MND-NET consensus group (2022).
ALSFRS-R-SE – an adapted, annotated, and self-explanatory version of the revised amyotrophic lateral sclerosis functional rating scale.
Neurological Research and Practice 2022 Dec 15; 4(1): 60
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Ostertag C, Klein D, Martini R (2022)
Presymptomatic macrophage targeting has a long-lasting therapeutic effect on treatment termination in a mouse model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1.
Experimental Neurology 2022 Nov; 357: 114195
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Özdağ Acarlı AN, Klein T, Egenolf N, Sommer C, Üçeyler N (2022)
Muscle Nerve. Subepidermal Schwann cell counts correlate with skin innervation – an exploratory study. Muscle & Nerve 2022 Apr; 65(4): 471-479
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Papagianni A, Ihne S, Zeller D, Morbach C, Üçeyler N, Sommer C (2022)
Clinical and apparative investigation of large and small nerve fiber impairment in mixed cohort of ATTR-amyloidosis: impact on patient management and new insights in wild-type.
Amyloid 2022; Mar; 29(1): 14-22
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Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 2022 Oct 23; 17(1): 384
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Genes (Basel). 2022 Sep 28; 13(10): 1752
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Continuum of sensory profiles in diabetes mellitus patients with and without neuropathy and pain.
European Journal of Pain 2022 Nov; 26(10): 2198-2212
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Unbiased immune profiling reveals a natural killer cell-peripheral nerve axis in fibromyalgia.
Pain 2022 Jul 1; 163(7): e821-e836
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Treatment of Fabry Disease management with migalastat-outcome from a prospective 24 months observational multicenter study (FAMOUS).
Dorsal Root Ganglion Volumetry by MR Gangliography.
American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR) 2022 May; 43(5): 769-775
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Detection of pericentric inversion with breakpoint in DMD by whole genome sequencing.
Molecular Genetic and Genomic Medicine 2022 Oct; 10(10): e2028
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Neuron 2021 Feb 3; 109(3): 448-460e4
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Journal of  Neurology 2021 Oct; 268(10): 3610-3625
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Autoantibodies to cortactin and agrin in sera of patients with myasthenia gravis.
Journal of Neuroimmunology 2021 Jul 15; 356: 577588
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Nucleic Acids Research 2021 Dec 2; 49(21): 12284-12305
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Der Anästhesist 2021 Dec; 70, 155-157
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Pain 2019 Oct; 160(10): 2316-2327
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Generation of two induced pluripotent stem cell lines from skin fibroblasts of sisters carrying a c.1094C>A variation in the SCN10A gene potentially associated with small fiber neuropathy.
Stem Cell Research 2019 Mar; 35: 101396
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Wirsching I, Ort N, Üçeyler N (2019)
ALS or ALS mimic by neuroborreliosis-A case report.
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